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Cheese and Wine Unlimited Review Summary

Cheese and Wine Unlimited is the perfect place to find adult appropriate gifts to give for many occasions. The majority of the items for purchase on the site are baskets or assortments of luxurious wine, cheese, and sometimes chocolate. They definitely fulfill the “unlimited” aspect of their brand, because as you begin to browse, the multitude of items and beverages is very apparent. These are all really nice, customizable baskets that take the middleman work out when providing a thoughtful gift. We appreciate that they provide a ton of options both in the choice of basket and items that go inside of it. The ideas and creativity behind each basket, give this idea a modern twist that we would definitely want to receive. And don’t be fooled by the word “basket”, this company uses all sorts of creative holders for the gifted items, which helps add that special touch.

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Here’s How Cheese and Wine Unlimited Works

Once you are on their site, we recommend going to the cheese and wine baskets section. In this area, you will find that they have all of their baskets categorized. This is where you can truly see the large selection of baskets and prices. Something that sticks out is the large amount of ideas they have for several moments and people in your life. Also, there is a section where they promote their specials, which are usually discounted baskets. The baskets range from $40-$200 each, so there are choices for many who are interested. Once you choose your basket and specify the items you would like inside, you can add a message to send with the basket. Shipping is added once you determine the destination of the wine and cheese basket.

 Things to Know While Purchasing a Basket

Make sure to explore all of the choices Cheese and Wine Unlimited displays on their pages. You will find quite an array of themes. One of our favorites sections is the gift baskets to give to men, because honestly they are sometimes the most hard to buy gifts for on many occasions. There are both beer and wine options scattered throughout their selections too. Once you are looking at a specific basket, there is a scroll down menu that allows you to choose the type of wine(s) to be placed inside. We really value that the company provides choices for their customers like these. Underneath this area, you will find a detailed list of the other items that will be placed inside the basket. This is great so you can see the value of your purchase and know exactly what items you are gifting.

 Top 3 Reasons to Purchase a Basket from Wine and Cheese Unlimited

  • Same day delivery

Same day delivery is the best! Either if you’ve forgotten about a special occasion or you’re in a time crunch, this is so convenient!

  • Choices and variety

Not only do they offer a ton of theme-based baskets, but you also can choose the type of alcohol, the insides, and the amount of money you’d like to spend.

  • Modern spin on a basket

There is something cool and fun about these baskets that most anyone would appreciate. They have transformed the traditional idea of a gift basket and taken it up a few notches.

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