Chuparosa Vineyards

Our Visit to Chuparosa Vineyards

If you are familiar with San Diego, then you would know that Temecula is the nearest most well-known wine tasting town. However, there are closer and less impacted vineyards worth exploring. Recently, we took a wine tasting trip to Ramona Valley, California. We came upon a few great wineries, Chuparosa Vineyards was by far the highlight of our tasting adventure. The wine was wonderful and the tasting room was so charming and relaxing that it was hard to depart.


Chuparosa Vineyards was our first stop on our day of wine tasting throughout Ramona. The tasting room is tucked away within a few hills and a dirt road making the place slightly difficult to find. This winery came on recommendation from our friends, but we still did not know what to expect. In front of the tasting room, there is a fantastic patio with a good amount of seating for vineyard guests. We recommend packing a picnic lunch to fully utilize the tasting room grounds. Upon entering, there is a magnificent fireplace which was perfectly lovely on that particularly gloomy day. We were greeted by Andy, the owner of the vineyard, who was kind and obviously extremely knowledgeable about his wines. Not only was the tasting ambience fantastic, but the wines were unique and tasted delicious.


Now let’s talk about the wine. 

We tasted about 7 different wines while we were at Chuparosa Vineyards. The tastings consisted of very generous pours which we always appreciate, especially at exceptional tasting rooms with a warm fireplace. Some of the highlights included the 2011 Zinfandel, 2010 Sangiovese, and 2013 Cabernet Franc. We purchased a two bottles of  the Zinfandel because we enjoyed it so much. Personally, we are not huge Zinfandel drinkers, so to find one we loved so much was incredible.

Overall, our experience at Chuparosa Vineyards was unforgettable. The wines are enjoyable and worthy of your attention. We recommend visiting the tasting room the ambience in connection with the wine is an added bonus. Lastly, we appreciated how we received tastings from the owner, which made our visit personable too.  Chuparosa Vineyards’ tasting room is only open on the weekends, check on their website for updates.

Visit Chuparosa Vineyards

 Why We Love It

Tasting Wines on the Vineyard

San Diego has many tasting rooms, but there are not too many where you can taste wines where the grapes are actually grown. Chuparosa’s tasting room overlooks its vineyard.

Vineyard’s Size/ Small Releases

This vineyard is local. There are only small releases of each wine which represents the passion and care behind the wine maker’s wine.

100% Estate Grown Wine

As you taste and drink Chuparosa’s wine, you are viewing exactly where those grapes were produced. The winemakers embrace the warm California sun and in turn, each wine’s varietal character shines in every bottle.