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Global Wine Cellars Review Summary

Global Wine Cellars is an online wine club and wine store for those who enjoy tasting wine from around the world. With three specialized wine clubs (Global Getaway Club, Global Discovery Club, and Global Access Club), their wine buyers travel all over the place to taste and select the best wines for their members. They focus on providing their customers quality and hand-crafted wines. These boutique wines are delivered straight to club members’ doors either every other month or quarterly. The relationships Global Wine Cellars creates with the vintners, passion for wine, and high standards make their club desirable for many interested in wine.

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Club Membership

Global Wine Cellars has three different memberships that serve and cater to a variety of those interested. The type, amount, and delivery schedule of the wines in each shipment vary in all three club memberships. For each club, you can have the option of an ongoing commitment (it continues until you end the membership) or the option of a four, eight, or twelve month commitment.  However, in EVERY  club there is always information about the background of each wine, including tasting notes, stories, and a cellar review inside the shipment. Also, they include pairing options for each wine. There are no membership fees, so you are solely paying for the wine. Each membership provides members the option to add on a seasonal shipment for an extra cost. All shipments are conveniently delivered either to your home or workplace. Not to mention they also offer all of their members 10% off when purchasing additional wine in their online wine shop.

Global Getaway Club

With the Global Getaway Club, members receive three bottles every two months. Members always receive two red bottles and one white bottle in their shipment. For the very first shipment, GWC specifically notes the type of wine you will be receiving. This club’s first shipment includes a French Sauvignon Blanc, a Portugese Red Blend, and a Cabernet Sauvignon. This club membership costs $44.95 per shipment.

Global Discovery Club

The Global Discovery Club provides its members with six bottles of wine every three months. Each shipment has four red bottles and two white bottles. Like the Global Getaway Club, the type of wine in the first shipment is noted before you commit to the membership. This club receives one bottle each of a Washington Riesling, a Chilean Chardonnay, a Medoc Cabernet Sauvingnon, a Californian Touriga Nacional, a French Beaujolais Villages, and an Argentinian Malbec. This club membership costs $90.00 per shipment.

Global Access Club

By being a member of the Global Access Club, you will receive six bottles every three months. Members always receive four red wine bottles and two white wine bottles every shipment. In the first shipment, you will receive a Sonoma Chardonnay, an Italian Chardonnay, a Napa Cabernet, a Spanish Garnacha, a French vintage Merlot, an Italian Barbera Superiore. This club membership costs $150.00 per shipment.

Seasonal Add Ons:

Holiday Collection

To be in time for the holidays, this shipment occurs in November. This collection of wines is selected for holiday meals such as heavy appetizers and large roasts. For $150.00, this shipment contains four reds and two whites.

Grilling Collection

For the summer months, the Grilling Collection ships every May. This seasonal favorite provides excellent wines that work well with barbecue meats and smoky flavors. This shipment is $150.00 and contains four reds and two whites.

Wine Shop

Global Wine Cellars has a separate section on their site with a wine selection available for purchase by anyone. The wine prices range from $15-$50 and there are usually over one hundred unique wines to choose from while browsing. Wine club members receive an extra ten percent off on purchases made in the wine shop. Under each bottle there is both the price for non-members and members.

Why We Like It

  • Worldly Wines

GWC offers many wines you would not normally see in the grocery store or in large commercial places. We like that they give you the ability to expand your palette when trying wines from all of the world.

  • Simple Options

The three different clubs offer clear amenities that simply differ by the amount and frequency of shipments.

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Global Wine Cellars

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