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This website is completely devoted to a variety of monthly clubs including wine of course. is really neat because it encompasses many clubs that are great to receive with your wine every month. Some of their clubs are for beer, cheese, cigars, chocolate, and flowers. Before coming across this site, we had no idea there were clubs for all of the above. Our sites purpose is to review wine clubs, so we will focus on the wine club provided by

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How Works

Similar to other wine clubs, provides club members with three separate memberships. Every membership includes two bottles of wine and cellar note, so it is the price and type of wine that differs between the three. Besides the wine club, offers memberships that include different items as well. Our favorite feature is that they give customers the option to create their own membership, so one can create a club with shipments of variety. So if receiving wine every month is boring to you or unnecessary, you can choose other memberships to receive for the other months. Something we see ourselves doing is alternating between the wine and cheese clubs each month. The site makes this extremely easy to do, because you select your choices at the beginning of the membership.


How to Become a Member

To become a member of the Monthly wine club, find the section at the top devoted to wine. From there you will be able to see the three memberships and read about the limited produced estate wines involved in each one. You will need to choose between the three clubs. Every club’s cost has additional $13 shipping fee, so be aware of the extra cost before committing! There are some other aspects to know about like you must commit to a minimum of two shipments to join. allows members to pay all at once or before each shipment.


The Premier Series- These two bottles of wine are from international wineries and are a great value. You can either choose to receive two reds, two whites, or one of each. This club membership costs 34.95 a shipment.


The Masters Series- These wines are both from different international wineries and some of the best bottles. You can either choose to receive one red and one white bottle, or two bottles of red wine. This club membership costs 49.95 for each shipment.


The Collectors Series- This is top club, for the people who would like to enjoy high-end rare wines. You can choose to receive two reds, or a white and a red bottle of wine. This membership costs 69.95 for every monthly shipment.


Top Reasons to Join

  • Design your own Club/Custom Membership

The ability to add variety to your memberships with other delectable items every month makes this site very appealing.

  • Not a Long Commitment only requires a two-month commitment from members.

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