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We heard about Naked Wines from some of our friends who signed up as Angels and I have to say that it is one of our favorite takes on wine club memberships. Not only do you get amazing, limited production  wines, but there is an added element of supporting and financing indie winemakers around the world.

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Here’s How Naked Wines Works

Anyone can visit the site and browse their selection of wines. What you’ll quickly notice is that there are two different prices; a Normal Price and an Angels Price. If you aren’t a Naked Wine Angel, then you will be paying that normal price listed. Although there are some Naked Wines promo codes out there. They deliver wines in packs of 6 or cases of 12, so you will need to either select a case of one wine or mix and match some that you’d like to try.

How to Become a Naked Wines Angel

I don’t know about you, but the Angel prices listed makes ordering a case of wine a little more palatable so I quickly checked to learn about the Angels program. This program allows wine drinkers, like you an me, to sign up and actually help finance the small winemakers that are part of the platform (You’re essentially and angel investor in their next batch of wines).

When you sign up, each month $40 will be deposited into your Naked Wines account. This deposit essentially serves two purposes while it is there. First it will act as the money that you use to purchase the wines you’d like to try. Second, while the money is there, Naked Wines uses it to invest in approved winemaking projects around the world. This money gives winemakers the resources they need to find the best equipment, grapes and ingredients. By doing this, and knowing that you will likely spend your money on some of these wines in the future, they are able to eliminate marketing and sales costs and discount the wines by 40-60% to Angels. Plus you get a free bottle of wine every month with your membership. Finally, if you decide to end your membership at any time, you will receive a refund for any amount that is still sitting in your account.

If you’re at all interested in joining the program, you should sign up for access now since there is a waiting list to become a Naked Wines Angel.

Naked Wines Promo Codes, Vouchers, Discounts – What they all Mean

For those people looking to save some money on wines, Naked Wines is definitely one of the top online places to order from. They offer great discounts to first time buyers and Angels receive discounts of 40%-60%. Check the offers below to see which one might be best for you.

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Naked Wines Vouchers are codes that you need to sign up as an Angel. You will receive your voucher to sign up when your spot has come up on the wait list. Once you become an Angel, you will be free to receive the discounts available to all Naked Wines Angels.

Top 3 Reasons to Join Naked Wines

  • Your Membership helps to support independent local winemakers around the world.
  • 40%-60% off all wines for Angels.
  • Direct communication with winemakers and access to exclusive events with them.


Naked Wines helps fund indie winemakers, providing them the resources to make great wine and passing the savings along to you.

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