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The New York Times Wine Club Review Summary

The New York Times Wine Club provides exclusivity for its members by being very selective with the wine they choose for them. Their choice of wine stems from the concept of serving their readers with the wine that suits them best. Many of their wines come from both respected and unique wineries to satisfy members’ desires. We learned that most of their wines cannot be found in stores, let alone anywhere else besides the NYT wine club, which makes membership more special. This membership is for those who are learning to appreciate wine and want to expand their knowledge and palette. We especially like that you have the ability to decide how often you receive shipments.


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How to Become a Member of the NYT Wine Club

If you are looking to become a member of this quality club, there are two different options. Both ship six bottles with four red and two white. They all come with recipe ideas and notes about each wine (by a master of wine!) which is nice for those who enjoy drinking with some yummy food nearby. Members always receive 10% off from the NYT store, which is a cool small bonus. The main difference between the two clubs is the price. One is double the price of the other, and the increase is solely for the age-worthy wines. We like that the price increase is not for more bottles, but for the complexity of each.

Times Sampler Wine Club

This club costs $90 per shipment. These bottles are selected from the best wine regions around the world. We think these wines are ideal for everyday occasions, like during dinnertime.

Times Reserve Wine Club

This club costs $180 per shipment, which is a significant increase from the Times Sampler Club. However, these wines are special! The wines in this shipment are specifically chosen for their flavor, finish, and complexity. We would save these wines for nicer occasions or to drink with company.


Top Three Reasons to Join the New York Times Wine Club

  • Quality

They choose their wines based off how they taste not for their previous reputation or awards.

  • Education

The notes you receive with the wine are designed to teach you about what you are drinking. This is nice for someone who is looking to learn and expand his or her knowledge on wine.

  • The Times Reserve Club

You pay for better bottles not more bottles.

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