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Plonk Wine Club Review Summary

Plonk has some of the best qualities for an online wine club. If we took some of our favorite aspects from other wine clubs and combine them together, they would be Plonk Wine Club. This club is has a young vibe, but the also expertise one looks for when trying new wine. Many of the wines provided in memberships are rare boutique wines that are not found many other places. We love that the founder of the company is so involved with Plonk, as she creates videos about each wine from the shipments for members. Plonk Wine Club is a must try for someone who is newly into trying good wine.

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How Plonk Wine Club Works

Plonk has three different wine clubs that only vary on the type of wine you would like to receive. The membership depends on how many bottles members would like to receive every month. Each shipment consists of eclectic wine that tastes pricier than what you actually pay for the membership. After every shipment, the site showcases the wine on their website for anyone to see. This is a great resource if you are considering joining because you are able to see the kinds of wine chosen for the memberships. Their company’s founder creates video blogs for all members to watch about the wines in each shipment, and we love this because members receive a verbal explanation and discussions about the wine that has arrived at their home.


How to Become a Member

You may choose between three different clubs. There is a white club, red club, and mixed club. They basically are exactly how they sound. After you decide on the membership you would like, you will need to choose how many bottles you desire. You can choose between two, four, or twelve. Also, you will need to pick how long you want to commit to the membership. The minimum commitment is for three months, but you may choose to continue the membership afterwards. The same three memberships choices are available to gift as well.


Top 3 Reasons to Join

  • Vlogs

We love that you are virtually able to learn and drink about the bottles you are receiving from the founder herself.

  • Gifting Memberships

Plonk’s separate membership section for gifts makes buying for someone else truly easy.

  • Recognition

Plonk has received a lot of great feedback from many known companies in the food and wine business. With reviews like theirs, the club memberships are had to pass up.


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Plonk Wine Club

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