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Washington Post Wine Club Review Summary

Washington Post Wine Club initially held our interest because their club has a classical colonial vibe, but also focuses on the flavor and distinction of wines. The limited-produced wines they send to their members are from small estates and carefully chosen because of their quality. These wines seem ideal for intimate parties or as nice gifts because they are more unusual and special. We picture ourselves sharing these wines over a small dinner party or a cocktail hour with friends.

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 Here’s How the Washington Post Wine Club Works

Their website is available for anyone to browse and look at their wines and memberships. They have a section devoted to their wine club and another for their wine shop. Their wine club simply offers two unique memberships at the exact same price. This is different than many other online wine club memberships. If you are not a member of their wine club, you may purchase wine from their shop at anytime. However, members receive a discounted price on the wines available in the shop.


How to Become a Member

When looking at the club page, I was immediately drawn to the individuality of the two clubs. The attention Washington Post Wine Club places on each of the clubs is appealing. Both clubs cost $90.00, ship every three months, and consist of the same extra perks of being a member. They include recipe pairings (which I always love), notes about the wines, and boutique wines from around the world. Membership is easy and they ask for very little commitment. One can choose to be a member from shipment to shipment or extend their membership for up to twelve deliveries. Also, they provide members with the option to include additional seasonal shipments in with their membership. The seasonal shipments vary in price and ship at different times of the year. They are named the Grilling Collection (May), Holiday Celebration (November), and Explore Virginia (February).


Here is a closer look at both Washington Post Wine Club Memberships:

The Jefferson Wine Club

The club is named after Jefferson because he was named the father of red wine. The effort and thought put behind the creation of the clubs is extremely evident throughout the site. This club is perfect for those who enjoy tasteful wines that are both red and white.

The Franklin Red Wine Club

This is the perfect club if you love red wine like we do. This club is named after Benjamin Franklin because he highly enjoyed red wine. Just like Franklin would have liked, this club only ships red wines. Blends are gaining popularity and are a favorite of ours and several of our friends, so there is an appeal to their shipments of worldly single variety red blends.

Top 3 Reasons to Join

  • One of their wines clubs is solely devoted to red wine blends.
  • Their slogan is “Compromise is for politics, not wine”. The wines are designed for consumer appreciation, but they are still well priced.
  • They pay homage to prominent figures from America’s history.

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Washington Post Wine Club

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