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Wine of the Month Club Summary Review

Wine of the Month Club is a very traditional and classic company that keeps the idea of wine clubs rooted, as it is a family business. Unlike the other online wine clubs, Wine of the Month Club started about forty years ago. Obviously, their ideas were not based through the Internet, but the concept of delivered monthly wine began with them. This idea has transformed and evolved and many other companies have taken this idea much further. We like that Wine of the Month Club keeps it simple and focuses on the wine they provide to their customers, through their four clubs, just like they did at the beginning.

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How Wine of the Month Works

On, there is both a section for memberships and another for gift memberships. Also, there is an area to shop for gift baskets and additional wine. Wine of the Month provides many options for their customers for both types of memberships. We like the additional focus they have on gifts, which are all centered on their wine.


How to Join the Wine of the Month Club

Every club includes two bottles of wine in each shipment, but differs for the type of wine and price. Wine of the Month provides many options within their memberships. For the gift memberships, you must commit to four months of wine shipments. However, you can choose if you’d like to spread those shipments out, rather than receive (and pay) for them every month, and the same applies for the other memberships as well. One of the most appealing factors about their memberships is they give you a choice to receive all reds, all whites, or one of each. Prices vary depending on how long you commit to the club, and your wine choices.

 Top 3 Reasons to Join

  • Gift Memberships

Not only do these memberships include wine, but also this company adds in an extra gift every shipment. These must be great because they have separate memberships devoted to gifting wine. We would love to receive one of these!

  • Preference

Wine of the Month Club lets you choose the type of wine you will receive for all memberships. So if you enjoy only reds, you can receive only reds.

  • Originals

This is a classic club that started it all. If they are still around today, their wine selections have got to be good.



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Wine Of The Month Club

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