Wine Bee Summary Review

Wine Bee is a great online site devoted to Italian wine. The wine members receive and highlighted on the site are from over twenty regions in Italy. offers both club memberships and a shop to buy individual wines. This is a concentrated site filled with restaurant grade wines in a variety of prices. We like the Italian focus and price assortment Wine Bee provides its customers. Currently, Wine Bee is only shipping to those who live in Alaska, California, Idaho, District of Columbia, Nevada, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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 How Wine Bee Works

The founder of Wine Bee grew up in Italy with a family in the wine business. When he moved to America, he decided to continue working with wine and he now works for major companies that source wines to restaurants. All of the wines used are imported from Italy to him and his companies, and Wine Bee allows anyone to take part in the authentic wine experience. Wine Bee is a great way for people to sample the Italian wine that is sold by the owner’s company to many restaurants. Wine Bee offers a shop for anyone to purchase wine and a club membership. Anyone has the ability to sign up for their newsletter to gain some more knowledge on Italian wines.

 How to Become a Wine Bee Club Member

We like how simple memberships are through Wine Bee. There are two memberships to receive the best bottles of restaurant grade wine. They only vary by price and the amount of bottles one receives each shipment. There is the choice of three or six bottles of Italian wine per monthly shipment, and one may skip a shipment if desired. When you choose either shipment (3 for $39 and 6 for $75), there is an area to indicate what type of wine you prefer. Before Wine Bee ships out your monthly club bottles, they will email you the wines they plan on including in your box. This gives you the opportunity to either switch out bottles that you would enjoy more, or order more of a certain wine that is coming in the shipment. We like that they provide such explicit options for members, however if you enjoy wine memberships for their surprise factor, than this takes that away from you. Currently, memberships are only offered to California Residents!

 Top 3 Reasons to Join Wine Bee

  • Imported Wine from Italy

How can you beat wine imported from Italy and chosen from by an Italian? We like that this site is centered on Italian fine wine.

  • Wine Choice

Along with the ability to indicate the wines you enjoy, Wine Bee allows you to choose a different wine before your monthly shipment is sent out.

  • Restaurant chosen Wines for a Discounted Price

Many top restaurants throughout California serve the wine from the Wine Bee suppliers. This club allows one to taste wines in a much more inexpensive way, without the usual restaurant price increase.

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